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We are foreign trained veterinarians ourselves, we've gone through the same struggles you have and want to share our experience and facilities with you to help you better prepare for the difficult exams you face in becoming North America licensed veterinarians.

  • Experience taking and understanding the requirements of the CPE exam.
  • Courses that really focus on what you need specifically to pass your particular exam, focused on the areas you feel need the most growth.
  • Self study resources made available to all candidates, including cases and differentials.

We took our time ensuring that all areas of stress are addressed as best as we are able.


Equine training

In depth physical exam with lameness exams on sound horses, videos of lame horses (as in exam in 2021), skill demonstration and practice on live horses.

Ruminant training

Physical exam for clinical case practice on goats, sheep, calves, and dairy cows. Including mastitis exam, pregnancy palpation, and discussion on obstetrics.

Small Animal Medicine (SAM)

Physical exam dog, skill demonstration on live dogs. SAM2 cases.


Guided process, covering all critical steps.


Common pitfalls, safety, and positioning.


Step by step discussion of best practices: ligature techniques, surgical scrub, four corner draping and sterile technique, timing, and common pitfalls.


Anesthetic machine review, drug calculation and protocols, leak and hiss test discussion, drip rate, sterile IV catheter placement, induction/intubation, troubleshooting, common pitfalls.


The individuals who keep CPE bootcamp running.

Dr. Joanna Thompson DVM PHD


Cristian Thompson


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